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Only freedom, not drugs, can save Lutsenko, doctor says

Doctors say the life of the former Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko now in prison and on a huger strike is threatened if he continues his hunger strike, The Segodnya reports May 12.

“I can tell you that he lost 20 kgs of weight. Such a radical loss of weight is not good. I think, medicines won’t help Lutsenko – he needs freedom. Once out of jail, he will get well very soon. If not, he can face death,” his doctor, psychoanalyst Valentyna Grigorieva said.

The authorities have finally allowed Lutsenko’s wife, Iryna, to visit him in hospital. When she came to the hospital the prosecutors at the hospital, however, made Iryna’s visit a rather humiliating procedure by insisting on permissions to visit her husband from various medical officials.


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