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Ukraine’s ombudswoman appeals to prosecutors to release Yury Lutsenko on bail

May 4, Nina Karpachova, Ukraine’s ombudswoman, met with former Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko held in custody since his detention in December. Now the ombudswoman wants prosecutors to release Lutsenko from prison stating poor health, Ukrainian News report May 10.

During their conversation, Lutsenko complained that his detention is illegal and extended because prosecutors reportedly believe he may go into hiding or kill witnesses in his case.

Lutsenko went on a hunger strike on Apr. 22, when the court extended his detention till May 27.

May 10, his wife Iryna told journalists that her husband lost 20 kg of weight in the past month.

Today, Yury Lutsenko was moved from prison to a hospital to be examined by doctors.

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