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Yury Lutsenko accuses PGO of brazen lies

May 4, the former interior minister, Yury Lutsenko, now on a hunger strike in a detention prison, wrote a letter to the Prosecutor General’s Office protesting forced feeding.

Lutsenko went on a hunger strike protesting illegal and politically motivated decision of PGO to refuse bail and detain him for another 3 months.

According to Lutsenko, PGO disseminated lies that Lutsenko was eating food received from relatives,

A May 1 medical check revealed that Lutsenko lost 14 kg of weight, has variable pressure and high acetone content in his blood.

In his letter, Yury Lutsenko said he would oppose any forced feeding.

He demanded that the illegal decision to keep him in detention prison for many months – even after the investigation had been completed - be revoked.

According to his wife, Iryna, Lutsenko’s state has deteriorated. He lost 3 kg of weight the day before, the color of his skin is changing and reaction slowing down.


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