Friday, 22 April, 2011, 17:53 People
Two ZIK TV channel programs win national awards

Two investigating programs run by the ZIK TV, “Roster of Complaints and Proposals” and “Who Lives in This Home?” have been declared winners of the nationwide competition. Both expose the wrongdoings of corrupt and unscrupulous officials and businessmen.

According to the jury member and Svoboda Slova anchor Andry Kulykov, both programs present a lot of out-of-the-way opinion. Given the conditions in which the journalists often work, we cannot but admire the degree of their quality and free journalism, he said.

The exposing program “Who Lives in This Home?” caused fierce opposition from corrupt officials. In one case, the head of Lviv Railways Bohdan Pikh, even orchestrated a court ruling banning the program about himself to appear on the screen. But the court failed to deliver its ruling amid large-scale public protests.

Only one year after the programs went on the air, the awards give ZIK journalists new wings to counter corruption of officials, judges and law enforcement agencies, Lviv journalists say.


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