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No trust in relations between Ukraine and Russia, Kuchma says

Strategic partnership with Russia should be at the top of Ukraine agenda, UNIAN quotes the ex-president as saying at his press conference in Dnipropetrovsk March 15.

“I love Russia very much but it often takes the attitude of a master in its relations with Ukraine. I want Ukraine and Russia to be strategic partners and treat each other with respect so that both parties, not only Russia, would enjoy the relationship,” Kuchma said.

Given this, the world will take a different perception of Ukraine, and Ukraine can land new contracts, notably, in the space sector [Dnipropetrovsk is the venue of the huge Pivdenny Plant where space rockets are made].

In Kuchma’s opinion, Ukraine should seek a compromise with Russia. Meanwhile, there's been little headway in talks between Ukraine and Russia, notably, on economic problems, Kuchma said.




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