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Danylyshyn: Yushchenko struck deal with Yanukovych to get himself and his team off hook

Deals were struck between Ex-Pres Yushchenko and Yanukovych, the former Economy Minister in the Tymoshenko cabinet, Danylyshyn, now in hiding in the Czech Republic, is quoted by Kommentari as saying Feb. 17. It explains why the present regime is persecuting only the BYUT ministers. Meanwhile, the Tymoshenko cabinet was a coalition, with some ministers hailing from the Yushchenko-led Our Ukraine.

“It is at least weird why OU ministers have been left alone [by the regime],” Danylyshyn said.

In one of the deals with Yanukovych, Danylyshyn recalled, the former president actually handed over his voters to Yanukovych by urging them to vote against all. “However, when Yushchenko is of no further use to Yanukovych, he will get what he deserves,” Danylyshyn said.

According to Danylyshyn, the regime is in the making in Ukraine which is a crossbred of all the most reactionary regimes in the post-Soviet space.  “If things develop the way they are doing now, the Belarus of Lukashenka will look like a democracy in comparison with Ukraine,” Danylyshyn added.

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