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Interior Ministry paying through nose for Ukraine-made weapons supplied by Israel, Police General Moskal claims

In a sudden unexplained move, Ukraine interior ministry started to equip its units with new arms buying them from Israel at overblown prices, Gennady Moskal, a former police general and current deputy head of the Rada anti-corruption committee, told ZIK Feb. 4.

Police units will be armed with new guns, machine-guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles and bazookas, Moskal said.

For unknown reasons, the ministry signed arms supply contracts with Israel (the Jernico contract). Israel supplies arms using the brand name of Ukraine arms manufacturer Fort, Moskal said.

On Sept. 14, 2009, Moskal went on, Israel sent arms described in customs declarations as disassembled Fort-224 machine guns. The so-called Ukrainian made arms (30 machine guns) have been acquired at world prices for about $83,000. The Fort company is allegedly involved in assembling the weapons, being paid about $1,000 for each assembly, Moskal claimed.


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