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Regions ask not to mock new Yanukovych gaffe

To understand president’s humor you have to live in Ukraine, Regions whip in VR Yefremov thus commented on Pres Yanukovych’s new gaffe happening in Davos and involving Ukrainian women. Such locutions should belong to “pleasurable humor,” Ukrayinska Pravda quotes Yefremov as saying Jan. 31.

Addressing the Davos forum participants, Yanukovych invited businessmen to come to Ukraine, adding they should see Ukraine with their own eye, especially “when Kyiv chestnut trees blossom and women begin to undress in Ukrainian cities.”

“As a man, I am pleased to see nature blossom and to see our women. To understand [the president’s] humor you have to live in Ukraine. I believe, the girls and women in Ukraine are beautiful, and when visitors from other countries come to Ukraine they can also see what [beautiful women] there are on the streets. And those driven in cars are even better. I think, I would agree [with Yanukovych] about it,” Yefremov said.

 “That is why I would ask you not to speculate on this incident,” Yefremov added.



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