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Herman talks harshly to European critics

European politicians must get used to the fact that those breaking the law in Ukraine will be held accountable regardless of their political affiliations, deputy head of presidential administration Hanna Herman said Dec. 30. She was commenting to Liga on the criticism emanating from the European People’s Party about politically motivated persecution of the opposition.

“If one is abusing his office in the UPP, will they view it as politically motivated persecution? Of course, not. In Europe they stick to these standards [of punishing law violations]. Therefore, European politicians must get used to the fact that the law rules in Ukraine. There won’t be any double standards,” Herman stressed.

“Freedom and democracy call for responsibility. If anyone in the presidential administration bends the law, he will be held accountable like anyone else. We are promoting the image of Ukraine as a country where law violations are punishable. For the past 20 years Ukraine has been robbed on a mind-boggling scale – and no one has been held responsible for doing this. This practice will be now stopped. Very soon, all will get used to [punishment for crimes], and they will realize that there is no need to look for political motives,” Herman explained.

“It makes no difference, what kind of office you hold. One shouldn’t rush abroad to decry political persecution. No one is persecuting no one for one’s political activities. But for breaking the law all those guilty will now be punished. It’s a tough reply. However, Ukraine should get used to the fact that one is appointed to a high office not to promote their drivers [reference to now detained former Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko who had allegedly promoted his driver to an officer’s rank – Ed.]. The power is given to serve the people,” Herman went on.

Earlier, UPP issued a statement saying many in the EU were outraged by the growing pressure on the opposition and criminal persecution of opposition leaders.

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