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Russian police close Ukrainian library in Moscow

Following the second search, Moscow police have closed the only Ukrainian library in Russia, its director, Natalya Sharina told UNIAN Dec. 26.

The Russian police confiscated computer hard discs and readers’ membership cards in the wake of the second search, Sharina confirmed.

The search was made by two police officers, Timofeyev and Baghdayev, who were accompanied by crews from the First Channel and Vesti TV.

During the search, the officers tried to plant some books they brought in the library trash.

At first, Sharina continued, Timofeyev tried to plant his books on library shelves, but when library employees saw this and banished him from the hall, he threw the books on the heap of trash in the yard.

When the police inspected the heap they took the books and put them in their car.

According to the library director, police officers were rude and threatened her, saying she was not behaving properly.

Asked by the UNIAN correspondent why the Russian authorities were harassing the Ukrainian library, Sharina pointed to the recent disturbances in Moscow involving non-Russian ethnic groups. “The Russian president ordered to fight extremism and nationalism, and the authorities were quick to fulfill his orders,” she explained.




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