Thursday, 16 December, 2010, 18:57 Politics
In defiance to Minister Tabachnyk, Lviv schoolchildren to be taught unbiased history

Lviv city council lawmakers have passed a decision Dec. 16 criticizing Education Minister Tabachnyk’s idea to create jointly with Russian historians a history textbook.

Ukrainian schoolchildren must know about the Holodomor, UPA’s struggle for liberation, the Kruty battle against Bolsheviks, the Orange revolution, the lawmakers said.

Tabachnyk’s proposal is aimed at hushing up important historical events in order to reanimate the Soviet interpretation of history which considers Stalin an efficient manager, lawmaker Yury Kuzheliuk said.

He said the Lviv government must do everything to ensure that schoolchildren study the true, not distorted, history of Ukraine. The lawmakers proposed to write a textbook which would complement the recently rewritten official ones and would throw light on the events distorted by them. This textbook should include materials from declassified KGB archives.

In addition, lawmakers proposed putting up exhibits on history at schools, compiling lists of recommended reading for schoolchildren, taking them for tours of the Roman Shukhevych Museum, Lontsky St. Prison Museum and similar sites.



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