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Institute of Sociology: Love for Russians dwindling in Western Ukraine

Merely 15 percent of Western Ukrainians gave a positive answer when asked “Would you like to take a Russian into your family or would a Russian become your friend?” The Korrespondent quotes Mykola Shulha from the Institute of Sociology as saying to journalists Oct. 21.

The “love” indicator has dwindled over the past years. In 1994, 60% of Ukrainian gave positive answers. In Central Ukraine the percentage fell from 60% in 1994 to 30% in 2010 and from 70% to 60% in 2010 in Southern Ukraine. In Eastern Ukraine the corresponding statistics stand at 75% in 1994 down to 64% in 2010.

Meanwhile, 6-7% of Western Ukrainians would banish Russians from Ukraine, with 7-8% in Central Ukraine (0% in 1994), and 0% in Southern and Eastern Ukraine.

According to pollsters, the level of xenophobia regarding Jews and Roma is rather high. While in 1992-1994 a third of Ukrainians were ready to accept Jews in their families or have a Jewish friend, in 2002 this indicator dropped 3 times, remaining stable ever since.

The level of tolerance toward Roma has never been high in Ukraine, standing at about 11% in early 90s. The indicator then stabilized at 2% ever since.


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