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No one should sit on fence during elections, Cardinal Liubomyr Huzar says

Asked by journalists to give his recommendations vis-à-vis the upcoming local elections, the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Cardinal Huzar said no one should stand aloof the political life, our correspondent reports Sept. 10.

Huzar sees changes for the better with regard to how elections are held in Ukraine. The changes are slow but “we are in the process of development, we are not a community with our own century-old traditions of political life. We are learning how to become citizens. Simultaneously, we should encourage Ukrainians to show interest in what is going on in the country, be constructive and not to stand aloof of events.”

Indifference, according to the cardinal, is one of the problems facing Ukrainians. Citizens should become involved in politics, do not sit on the fence, do not fear [to go into politics] and do not be couch potatoes.

“Democracy is the best, albeit the hardest, form of civil and political life. It matters little which party you chose to support – you must take part in political life of Ukraine,” the cardinal said.

“Our politicians are not perfect, we must see to it that they get better,” Huzar stressed.

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