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Lutsenko pledges allegiance to Yuia Tymoshenko

The leader of People’s Self-Defense party Yury Lutsenko is ready to do any work given to him by Yulia Tymoshenko, Lutsenko said, speaking on the 5th Kanal Monday, Aug. 23.


He will make public his decision on Tuesday near the monument to Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv, the venue of the meeting by the opposition parties to mark Ukraine’s Independence Day, Lutsenko said.


“[I will do] any work I’m given - running or not running for elected position, campaigning or printing leaflets. I will do my best for the opposition to score high in the elections to make it hot for the Party of Regions,” he warned.


Asked if he would run for any oblast or city council, the PSD leader said, ”Give me one week to answer this question.”


Lutsenko assured his party won’t run for Verkhovna Rada as a separate political force. “We believe that the unification around the largest opposition party is the only answer to the anti-Ukrainian onslaught by the Regions,” he said, adding that Yulia Tymoshenko has her plusses and minuses.


“Otherwise, we’ll find ourselves in a situation when there will be 15 opposition parties with a 3% approval rating while the Regions with merely 30% will rule the country,” Lutsenko said.


PSD will join the Tymoshenko-led Batkivshchyna party in campaigning for a joint roster, he explained.


“Other parties with less than 3% approval ratings, or even with a 2% or even 5% rating should follow suit. It would be a wise decision. Are they capable of making it? Apparently, not,” Lutsenko concluded.


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