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International media watchdog urges Yanukovych to stop pressure on press

The International Press Institute, IPI, has called on Pres Viktor Yanukovych to abide by the freedom of the press and stop pressure on it, the IPI website release says.

The acts of the Ukraine regime run counter to Yanukovych earlier statements in which he pledged to protect the freedom of expression in Ukraine.

The IPI statement comes on the heels of the Kyiv administrative court June 2010 ruling stripping TV channels TBi and 5 Kanal of their broadcasting frequencies. The IPI demands that further talks on allocating the frequencies be done openly and the procedure of issuing licenses to TV stations be made transparent to public and impartial.

The IPI statement also cites attacks on journalists in Ukraine and the unwillingness of the regime to punish those guilty. The watchdog has called on Yanukovych to track down the perpetrators and bring them to account, Korespondent writes.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine opposition has reminded its earlier forecasts that Yanukovych would impose censorship as soon as he came to power. Many segments and footage criticizing Yanukovych were edited out on Ukraine major TV channels. However, Viktor Yanukovych hypocritically maintains to say that he is ready to cooperate with journalists and stand by the freedom of the press.

In July, the Reporters Without Borders, another media watchdog based in Paris, urged Viktor Yanukovych to make public his commitment to defend the media freedom and advised him on steps to be taken to ensure his commitment.

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