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Yanukovych bears no grudges against Tymoshenko

Speaking in a press conference May 12, Pres Yanukovych’s representative in Verkhovna Rada Yury Miroshnychenko has dismissed Yulia Tymoshenko’s statement about Yanukovych’s personal interest in prosecuting her, Korrespondent reports May12.

Yanukovych is against political repression for criticism of the regime, Miroshnychenko assured.
The international audit of Tymoshenko cabinet spending policies, ordered by Pres Yanukovych and his team, is aimed at revealing miscalculations of the former cabinet and have the true picture, not at exposing Tymoshenko to bring her to criminal liability, he added.
 “Probably, Yulia Tymoshenko sincerely believes that she is persecuted, but I do not rule out that this is a form of spin to manipulate the public and media,” he claimed.
He urged journalists to be critical not only of the regime but also of the opposition, checking all the oppositions’ declarations. 
May 12, Yulia Tymoshenko was summoned by prosecutors. After her meeting with prosecutors, Tymoshenko told journalists that May 17 she will be questioned as a suspect in a case closed when Pres Kuchma was in power. The prosecution will then decide whether to release her on bail or put in custody.
Tymoshenko said this is the beginning of the repression against her as her party members stand in the way of the regime to sell-out Ukraine’s state monopolies. Moreover, she said Yanukovych instructed the Prosecutor General’s office to dig up enough evidence against Tymoshenko to put her in jail in 3-4 months.
Meanwhile, according to the PGO press secretary, Tymoshenko was summoned to be notified that a criminal investigation against her for attempting to bribe Supreme Court judges will be opened.
The case was opened in May 2004 but closed in Jan. 2005, without all the required investigation procedures completed. Now the investigation will be restarted, PGO said. 

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