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Kravchuk writes open letter to Yanukovych

Former President Leonid Kravchuk has written an open letter to Pres Yanukovych, UNIAN reports Apr. 8.

Here are the main outlines of this letter.
 “Dear Viktor Fedorovych,
Soon Ukraine will mark the 20-th anniversary of its independence. This is a sufficient stretch of time to allow to make some conclusions.
We have to admin that the Ukrainian powers that be have failed the expectations of Ukrainians for a better life. Today, Ukraine is at the crossroads amid an extremely grave political, social, economic and spiritual situation.   
Ukraine is among Europe’s poorest countries with highly corrupt government, with wavering foreign policy course. It is divided along historical, political and ideological lines. The nation is not formed, same as the country’s political elite.  
As regards our political leaders, in the conditions of Wild-West capitalism, brutal political practices, they have degraded, flouting the nation’s interests and dreaming only about cushy seats and money. 
Ukraine is ruled today by immoral fat cats.
In this situation, Ukrainians are looking up to their president to take a responsible attitude and pursue the policy of reforms.
We, the former presidents, cabinets, local governments are responsible for the present situation. However, some do not think so. They continue to blame Yulia Tymoshenko for all the misfortunes. It is a primitive explanation befitting those leaders who are not sure of their potential. Ukrainians will never fall for these explanations because such explanations have been used for years by all politicians and parties. 
The profile Ukraine has today was formed by Leonid Kuchma who promoted the rule by fat cats and the clannish power. Society split up into the haves and the have-nots. The executive became a feeding trough for boot-licking officials. 
Viktor Yushchenko further complicated the situation burying the Ukrainian idea in his incessant power squabbles he initiated during his tenure.  
In other words, your predecessors have left you an entangled legacy. Now, new approaches are needed to find new ways of running the country. 
This is what any president should do at the start of his tenure.
However, having analyzed your first steps in office, I have all the reasons to say that no radical changes have been initiated.
What you are doing now I have seen quite recently, save for the tough discipline and organization within your team. This enabled you to create, unheeding the Constitution, a ruling majority, a cabinet of your party insiders mixed with a small number of officials who were rewarded with posts for their services to your party.
You could have endorsed the much-needed democratic laws, budget and delivered on your campaign promises. Instead, you only talk reforms and the implementation of social benefits you have promised.
The ruling coalition have resorted to a different scenario: based on a smooth voting machine, the majority relies on the rule of the force, not the rule of the law. The majority refused to give the opposition chairmanship in certain committees (pursuant to the rules of procedure) and continue to threaten to use anti-constitutional means. Citing the “difficulties,” the coalition has stepped on the unlawful way of doing business.  
Coalition leaders believe that the rule of the law can be replaced with political expediency. All this indicates that their activities are running counter to the development of democracy.
Given the strength of the majority, any bill can be rubberstamped and made legal by pocket judges. To become free, we must be slaves of the laws, Cicero wrote. Not slaves of our leaders, but slaves of the law. 
We saw in 2003 how the Constitutional Court subserviently ruled that Leonid Kuchma had been president for only one term. The ruling was so good for Kuchma!
Why should the Constitution Court consider the same issue it had considered in 2008 – on how coalitions can be formed? Does the decision depend on who specifically the CC judges are? 
Dear Viktor Fedorovych, you have so many problems to analyze.
In my opinion, the president of Ukraine should give priority to the following key problems.
First and foremost, the president should keep an eye on how the Constitution and the laws are enforced. Be advised that in your team there are many who want Ukraine to remain the lawless and corrupt state it is now. Instead of being guided by democratic principles, these politicians engage in explaining why the Constitution and the laws should be circumvent.
Certain members of your team are actively publicizing their own views, plans and intentions, forgetting that they should implement your agenda because you will be held accountable for realizing it. 
To illustrate, VP Semynozhenko and Minister Tabachnyk have independently taken a decision to cancel mandatory entrance exams and tests in Ukrainian and allow them to be taken in Russian. Let me remind you that in civilized world the use of the state language is mandatory, with only the state, not officials, having the authority to change the procedure.  
If such a liberal interpretation of the Constitution continues, we will soon find ourselves faced with political persecutions. Who, for instance, ordered to arrest students of the Kyiv Shevchenko University, spurning Art. 34 of the Constitution and who was held accountable for this?  
You must say it loud and clear to Ukrainians whether the Constitution is still in force and who its guarantor is.
Yours respectfully,
Leonid Kravchuk


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