Tuesday, 30 March, 2010, 14:00 Sport
Kolesnykov to name new general contractor to build Euro-2012 stadium in Lviv

Taruta-owned Azovinteks will be replaced by a new general contractor to build a Euro-2012 stadium in Lviv, Vice Premier for hosting Euro-2012 football tournament Borys Kolesnykov told journalists March 30 in Lviv.

The cabinet criticised the present general contractor for falling behind schedule and sporadic funding, Kolesnykov said. The Lviv sadium will be built by a consortium of companies, including the foreign ones. ”Later on, I will name the companies. They are Ukrainian, Turkish, probably, Croatian and Macedonian companies,” the VP added. 
Meanwhile, Azovinteks (Eastern Ukraine) will continue as subcontractor. “Azovinteks can implement minor projects as they have the equipment and personnel in Lviv. I will inspect the stadium today and will name a new general contractor,” Kolesnykov went on.
Kolesnykov also said the Lviv airport runway will be constructed by the Altkom Co. currently involved in the modernization of a runway in Donetsk.


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