Thursday, 11 March, 2010, 22:27 Sport
Borys Kolesnykov on Lviv’s chances to host Euro-2012

The newly elected vice premier for the issues of Euro-2012 finals in Ukraine, Borys Kolesnykov, is scheduled to come to Lviv March 16 to assess the preparations for the tournament, Kolesnykov told ZIK March 11.

 “We have to interfere urgently to enable Lviv to host the Euro-2012 finals,” Kolesnykov said.
The construction of two major projects, the stadium and the airport, is dangerously behind the schedule, he added.
To assess the situation in Lviv, Kolesnykov is coming down jointly with the new sports and transport ministers. The team will meet with Lviv Maytor Sadovy and subcontractors.  
Lviv retains a chance to host the competition, Kolesnykov said. “Given new technologies, we will do everything to meet the deadlines. If the Lviv residents want Euro-2012, they will have it, I mean it. I’m not kidding, I’m not [former vice premier] Vasiunyk,” he assured. 

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