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Oleh Dubyna: Yushchenko and RUE guilty of 20-day gas spat with Russia in 2008

Ex-head of NaftoHaz Ukrayiny Oleh Dubyna says in his interview with Dzerkalo Tyzhnya that former Pres Yushchenko and corrupt RosUkrEnergo middleman company were to blame for a 20-day stand-off with Russia over gas supplies, UNIAN reports March 6.

“We could have signed the new supply contract on Dec. 30, 2008, but for the games of Yushchenko and RUE,” Dubyna said. [Many experts claimed at the time that Yushchenko was lobbying for RUE's head Firtash and other tycoons - Ed].
As a result of these games, the conflict with Russia intensified and Ukraine was forced to sign a new contract on Jan. 19, 2009.
 “As the Russians didn’t supply gas to Ukraine for 19 days, we had to use gas from underground reservoirs to keep the homes in Ukraine warm. We didn’t care about industrial companies. At some point, there was a risk of cutting gas supplies to Mariupol and the part of the Donetsk oblast. We had to take out-of-the-way steps to keep up the pressure in the pipes. 

Oleh Dubyna stressed that he was against the crippling terms of the supply contract but he was forced to sign it to keep Ukraine warm.

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