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Tihipko: Regions idea to form majority out of individual lawmakers is political piracy

The attempt by the Party of Regions to change the coalition-forming procedure is political piracy, says SerhyTihipko, speaking live on the TBi channel March 5.

“If Yanukovych signs the law, it will be his grave mistake as it is a direct violation of the Constitution,” TIhipko said.

“Not a single honest person will support such regime. It will also mean that no substantial changes will be possible as for this the support of the people is needed. If Yanukovych goes ahead with this plan, he will lose the backing of the West, I mean the IMF and WB. As a result, the hryvnia will be weakened, besides other unpleasant fallout,” Tihipko warned.

Yulia Tymoshenko could have resorted to the same tactics as she needed a viable majority but she preferred not to be tempted.

In case of such ruling majority, Yanukovych and this majority will see unprecedented unification of democratic forces, Tihipko believes. 

For Tihipko the only way-out is to call early parliamentary elections to form a new majority which will not fear to implement austerity programs. Stability in Ukraine can be reached only through snap parliamentary elections, Tihipko summed up. 

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