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Yanukovych will not strip Bandera of his medal

On becoming president, Viktor Yanukovych won’t strip Stepan Bandera of the top country’s medal given to him by the former president, Party of Regions deputy head Hanna Herman said Feb. 10, the PR website reports.

There were several presidents in Ukraine, Herman said. There was Leonid Kravchu who had his share of mistakes. When Leonid Kuchma came, he didn’t interfere with what Kravchuk had done. Kuchma just started to map out and realize his own policy. When Yushchenko came he bashed Kuchma for many things, but he didn’t interfere with what Kuchma had done.
Therefore, Herman continued, I believe the new president should leave history to history and start pursuing his own policy in the humanitarian area involving the assessment of the facts of history.
She said the Yanukovych policy will be an honorable one and not humiliate any region of the country.

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