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Former Yanukovych staffer calls to vote Tymoshenko

A former insider of Viktor Yanukovych, Taras Chornovil, has called on Ukrainians to vote Tymoshenko, For-UA reports.

“In case of a Yanukovych win, the present chaos and stand-off between president and premier will continue in Ukraine, only in a much more deteriorated condition. If the current confrontation between the president and premier is like a Cold war, what will happen will look like a Hot war, and with much more chaos,” the lawmaker said.  

The second reason why he opts for Tymoshenko as president, Chornovil continued, was Tymoshenko’s respect for democratic values.
“She takes a large effort to be liked in the environments and countries where democracy is highly valued,” Chornovil argued.

The third reason why Chornovil is in favor of Tymoshenko is her being an extremely active and energetic person. Tymoshenko is a prime mover and will do her best to succeed in her projects, the maverick lawmaker said.

By contrast, Chornovil went on, the soft-shelled Yanukovych will transfer power to some grey eminence who will rule in his name.

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