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Court accuses Pres Yushchenko of libel

The Kyiv Court of Appeals has supported a libel charge put forward by Yulia Tymoshenko against Pres Yushchenko, BYT’s press service reports Jan. 7.

“The court analyzed libelous information publicized by Pres Yushchenko about the alleged ownership by Yulia Tymoshenko of “the largest off-shore company,” dismissing the information as untrue, Tymoshenko’s proxy Andry Portnov said.

As stressed by Portnov, this is not the first time the court dismisses Yushchenko’s untrue declarations regarding the premier.

In a tit-for-tat move, Portnov accused Yushchenko of transferring to off-shore companies UAH 2 billion. “The money were received by unidentified persons. As a result, a criminal case No49-457 was opened in which Yushchenko was one of the accused, Portnov continued.

“Viktor Yushchenko was also incriminated in shady deals with the off-shore-based “Korteza fine corporation.” In a criminal case against this company Yushchenko was also one of the accused.Only his president’s immunity can save Yushchenko now from being brought to court, Portnov emphasized.

After the presidential election many investigating commissions and courts will deal with Yushchenko’s crimes, the lawmaker warned.

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