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Bohoslovska accuses Tihipko of carrying bags for Tymoshenko

Presidential candidate Serhy Tihipko is bending over backwards to help Yulia Tymoshenko win the election, quotes another candidate, Inna Bohoslovska, as saying Jan. 6.

"I have always opted for the unification of new wave politicians. I declared it June 15, 2009 as soon as I quitted the Party of Regions. It is obvious that a candidate put up jointly by Hrytsenko, Yatseniuk, Tihipko and Bohoslovska would make it into the runoffs. However, Tihipko refused to hold talks, proving thereby that he is rather a businessman than a politician and is part of the Tymoshenko project,” Bohoslovska went on.

According to Inna Bohoslovska, Tihipko’s role in the Tymoshenko-backed project is to prevent new wave politicians from joining forces.

Tihipko has admitted on several occasions that he would be glad to work as premier under Tymoshenko the president. The cost of his pre-election campaign equals that of Tymoshenko, Bohoslovska argued.

“What’s the bottom line? Tihipko is doing everything to chase more voters. Later on these voters will help Tymoshenko retain power,” Inna Bohoslovska concluded.

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