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Yushchenko statement about unification of democratic candidates is pre-election spin to mislead voters, expert Vitaly Bala says

Yushchenko’s statement that unification talks with democratic candidates are under way is another pre-election spin, Vitaly Bala, director of the Agency for Modeling Situations in Kyiv told ZIK Jan. 4.

 “The statement is definitely a spin to manipulate voters, specifically in Western Ukraine, and make them believe that Yushchenko is the only candidate whom other national democratic parties will back, Bala says. 
The statement was publicized against the backdrop of harsh criticism of Yuia Tymoshenko and accusations of her owning the biggest off-shore company voiced without any proof given, Bala says.  They seem all the more groundless, given the facts about Yushchenko deals in the gas sector, Black Sea shelf and land, Bala says. 
The unification spin can land Yushchenko in trouble. He can hardly get immediate response to his proposal from Tyahnybok, Hrytsenko or Yatseniuk. Before coming up with such statements, Yushchenko should have conducted talks with other candidates. What might happen if, for instance, Tyahnybok will declare that he hasn’t seen Yushchenko for 5 years?,  Bala asks.
Comment by ZIK

Presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko declared Jan. 3 that he is in talks with several national democratic candidates, Hrytsenko, Kostenko, Yatseniuk and Tyahnybok, to table a single candidate.
Later, Hrytsenko, Tyahnybok and Yatseniuk dismissed the Yushchenko statement.
Speaking to ZIK, Vadym Karasiov, political experts with close ties to Yushchenko, said the unification talks are under way. The talks with Hrytsenko and Tyahnybok will start as soon as the talks with Yatseniuk will be completed, he indicated.

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