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“I’m the only politician without land ownership in Crimea,” says Yulia Tymoshenko

Addressing residents of Morske, Crimea, Jan. 3, Premier Yulia Tymoshenko said she is the only Ukrainian politician without land ownership in Crimea, Interfax reports.

“I don’t own a single meter of land on the peninsula. Nor do I have a single meter of land in Kyiv,” she stressed.

She recalled how Pres Yushchenko had called her a hobo, commenting on her meager assets.

The premier added that the country’s influential politicians are large city land owners.

She pointed her finger at Viktor Yanukovych who owns 140 hectares of land and a large mansion house. Viktor Yushchenko owns 13 hectares of plum suburban land.

“I may, probably, look as a hobo compared to them, but not without plans to bring them to heel and nationalize the land and former state property grabbed by them,” she warned.

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