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USA, Russia confirm guarantees of security to UKraine

In a joint statement on Dec. 4, the presidents of the United States and Russia, Barak Obama and Dmitrij Medvedev, confirmed the guarantees of security to Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus given on the heels of these countries’ consent in 1994 to give up their nuclear weapons. “Russia and the United States welcome the commitment of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to their non-nuclear status,” the statement runs.

The guarantees of security as confirmed by the 1994 Budapest memorandum,

will be valid after Dec. 4, 2009 when the Treaty on strategic offensive weapons expires, the statement continues.

Both presidents have confirmed their countries intention to continue cooperation in the spirit of the 1992 treaty to maintain strategic stability between the USA and Russia. They welcomed the signing of a new treaty on strategic weapons as soon as possible.

The new treaty was to have been signed before the expiry of the present one. However, Russia and the USA have failed to meet this deadline and are looking forward to signing the new treaty soon.

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