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Yushchenko to back Yanukovych in runoffs

Serhy Lutsenko, the deputy head of the People’s Self-Defense NGO [PSD faction is in the NUNS bloc with Our Ukraine] believes Pres Yushchenko will throw his weight behind Viktor Yanukovych in the runoffs, PSD press service quotes him as saying.

<P>“Looking at Viktor Yushchenko’s campaign track record, we can see that he has never criticized his former opponent Viktor Yanukovych over the past 6 months, something to indicate certain deals between them. Since Viktor Yushchenko’s chances to be reelected are definitely ephemeral, he will back up Yanukovych, believing the latter will stick to the bargain and make Yushchenko premier,” Lutsenko says. </P>
<P>PSD is convinced there are two major contestants for the highest office, Tymoshenko and Yanukovych. </P>
<P>“Of course, the sympathies of the absolute majority of PSD members and many fraternal organizations, despite all the contradictions, are with Yulia Tymoshenko,” Serhy Lutsenko stressed. </P>
<P>PSD will officially declare which presidential candidate it will support at its late November convention, PSD deputy head announced. </P></SPAN>
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