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Yushchenko: second thoughts about second term?

Pres Yushchenko has tabled a bill whereby UAH2.5-million deposits by presidential candidates will be repaid to them if they garner 7% of the vote in the first round or if their registration has been cancelled by the Central Election Commission.

Under the current law, registration deposits are repaid to candidates who gather 7 percent of the vote. If less, deposits are to be transferred to state coffers.

Deposits are returned only to those presidential candidates who have made it into the runoffs.

Analysts say the reason Yushchenko has filed the bill is that several individuals have contested in courts all over Ukraine Yushchenko’s right to run for president. If their claims are upheld by courts, CEC will be forced to cancel Viktor Yushchenko’s registration.

Pres Yushchenko has paid his UAH2.5 million deposit when he applied for registration last week. As any presidential candidate, he also submitted his declaration. According to it, Yushchenko earned over UAH 1 million in 2008, while his family about UAH500,000.

Yushchenko has declared UAH3,014,181 in his bank accounts, with over UAH 2 million in the accounts of his family.

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