News » Western Ukraine 22 October, 2009, 21:32
Like Lozynsky, pedophile lawmakers will be saved from prosecution by their political patrons, Pres Yushchenko opines

Yushchenko says in a couple of weeks the lawmakers incriminated in the child rape scandal will flee, the incumbent said, addressing a conference With Love and Care toward Chidren. [The president seems to be oblivious that the court only can establish the guilt of allegedly suspected lawmakers. They all belong to Tymoshenko’s BYT – Ed.]

“There are pedophiles in Ukraine’s high offices, those who inflict immeasurable damage to our morals, our choice. Unfortunately, they have deputy immunity,” the incumbent lashed out.

Regrettably, he continued, the prosecution is not effective because it views lawmakers as the untouchables, Yushchenko said. Prosecutors have to obtain a consent to arrest a lawmaker through a lengthy procedure involving parliament’s agreement. This red-tape allowed Lozynsky to get off the hook with the help of his political patrons [incidentally, Lozynsky was also a BYT member – Ed.], Yushchenko stressed.

The president said he demands a quick reaction by the prosecution to the child rape scandal to prove to Ukrainians that law-enforcement is efficient and can bring such individuals to account.

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