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BYUT kicks back, demanding to open investigation against Yushchenko’s son

As reports by police are a far cry from media coverage of the alleged involvement of Pres Yushchenko’s son in a shooting incident near the Kozachok restaurant in Kyiv, VR lawmaker Serhy Mishchenko says he is convinced the case is being silenced and its facts distorted by the law-enforcement, BYUT’s June 30 press service release runs.

“Under the circumstances, the creation of an investigating commission by the Rada would be a democratic and civilized way-out from the potentially compromising situation the incumbent has found himself in,” the release continues.

“The one who is accustomed to condemn others without a court’s ruling has to act likewise under similar circumstances. [This is a hint at Pres Yushchenko who has recently dismissed a Kirovohrad oblast governor and a number of other officials without any prior investigation. The governor says he will contest the decision in court – Trans.] The law is the same for all, be they people’s deputies or president’s sons,” the release runs.

Simultaneously, S. Mishchenko has hailed the statement by BYUT lawmaker Viktor Lozynsky [who is said to be implicated alongside with a rayon prosecutor and a rayon police sheriff in the murder of a local during hunting] who requested VR to lift his immunity against prosecution to facilitate the probe. “In my view, the deputy immunity is nonsense because politicians must not have any preferences regarding the law,” the lawmaker stressed.

Meanwhile, the Party of Regions said they insist on a quick and open probe into the shooting.

Vladyslav Lukyanov, PR, has demanded that Interior Minister Lutsenko report to VR on the alleged complicity in the crime of Yushchenko’s son Andry, the PR website reports.

“We demand that the results of the probe be made public. The probe must be impartial and quick,” it continues.

“The Party of Regions will not allow the incident involving the president’s son to be quashed or put under the table,” Lukyanov said.

Meanwhile, Pres Yushchenko says that, by inventing lies about his son, BYUT has unleashed a war without rules.

Speaking in a briefing June 30, Yushchenko’s press secretary Iryna Vannykova said: “These accusations are slanderous and are aimed at diverting public attention away from the murder of a local in the Kirovohrad oblast reportedly done by a BYUT lawmaker and law-enforcement officials. Instead of assessing the role of its lawmaker that has been accused of a murder, BYUT staged a provocation against the president,” Vannykova said.

The provocation indicates that, as part of a pre-election campaign, a war without rule has been declared

“The president warns all its perpetrators against drawing the families and children of politicians in the political campaign wrangling. Smear tactics will backlash on their initiators, destroying, like a snow avalanche, everything on its way,” Vannykova quoted Yushchenko as saying.

All those involved in the shooting accident in the Kirovohrad oblast, deny their complicity in the murder of a local. Meanwhile, the autopsy has revealed 9 gun wounds and numerous bone fractures of the body.

The rayon’s prosecutor and police sheriff have been arrested and are in police custody in Kyiv.

The Kirovohrad Governor, Vasyl Motsny, was dismissed by Pres Yushchenko. He went on the air today to declare that he will contest Yushchenko’s decision in court, saying his dismissal can be initiated only by Verkhovna Rada.

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