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Our Ukraine on the way to becoming a limited liability company owned by its chieftains – Mykola Martynenko

The well-concerted Our Ukraine convention has confirmed the worst expectations of OU (Kyiv branch) members, says its head Mykola Martynenko, the branch press service June 27 release runs.

“Highly dangerous trends to ruin the democratic values and turn the party into a privately-owned company have taken the upper hand in OU,” Martynenko says.

“Of unprecedented nature is the call by OU head, Pres Yushchenko, to purge, without any trial or investigation, the most numerous OU Kyiv branch that dared to express its own opinion concerning OU strategies,” Martynenko goes on.

“Unfortunately, our pseudo-leaders are trying to use the party to fit their political ends as an obedient tool to destabilize the situation in Ukraine,” he stressed.

Martynenko said OU Kyiv branch members will debate the convention resolution and will decide whether to resign or stay in the party.

Martynenko confirmed he won’t resign from the VR coalition with BYUT.


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