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“You have no moral right to run for president again,” Viktor Baloha tells Yushchenko

Yedyny Tsentr party leader and Yushchenko’s former chief-of-staff Viktor Baloha handed in his resignation on May 12. In it, he explained the motives behind the step. He also warned that he is going to publicize the reasons for his resignation, runs Baloha’s statement posted on the Yedyny Tsentr site.

The main reason for his resignation is Yushchenko’s decision to run for president again, Baloha says. “I am convinced that you have no moral right to run for the highest office again. I am not going to help you in this,” Viktor Baloha stresses.

His conviction, he explains, comes from the fact that, in all the years of his tenure as president, Yushchenko failed to deliver on the promises made in 2004. “Then, riding the wave of unprecedented enthusiasm, you received the mandate from Ukrainians. Millions of Ukrainians saw the hope for themselves in every line of your inauguration speech. They wanted you to build a proud and wealthy country without cynical power. They were ready to back you up in your boldest attempts,” Viktor Baloha’s statement runs.

“No one of their expectations came true, the time was irrevocably lost. Your program “Ten Steps to Meet the People” remained a sugar-coated myth. Corruption, cronyism, double standards prevailed in all your activities. It is sad to know that you did nothing to cleanse the power.”

Baloha points the finger at Yushchenko’s entourage as the other reason for his resignation. He accuses the incumbent of appointing his cronies and relatives to high positions without taking into account their level of professionalism. “You watched coolly as your entourage was eroding the power and state. When I complained about these glaring facts, you turned a deaf ear.”

He says in all the 3 years as Yushchenko’s chief-of-staff he felt pressure from Yushchenko’s insiders who were eager to remove the unruly chief-of-staff. That is why, he continues, his resignation is not an escape from the difficulties, but an open protest at the attempts of Yushchenko’s liubi druzi to run the secretariat.

Baloha stresses Yushchenko’s responsibility for unending stand-offs and problems which riddled his rule.

“You”ve never treated any power institution or political party as your partner. The early parliamentary elections in 2007 gave a chance to reach a political compromise and stabilize the power. It went unheeded. You nominated Tymoshenko for premier following the first abortive voting, although you could refuse. It will take years for Ukraine to recover from this decision.

Therefore, neither you nor Tymoshenko can even lay claims to remain in power. Both of you must go.”

Baloha also says he decided to resign seeing that his initiatives were stalled by Yushchenko’s apathy. He recalls that, on being appointed chief-of-staff, he managed to revive the efficiency of the secretariat, something he should receive credit for.

Summing up his statement, Baloha stresses that his resignation indicates his open and honest attitude. “I’ve never clung to any cushy post, including the one at the president’s office. I do not want to keep the job that brings no good to the people and the country,” Baloha’s statement ends.

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