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Tymoshenko backed Nalyvajchenko for fear of Khoroshkovsky’s revenge for RosUkrEnergo, says Kost Bondarenko

In a surprise vote March 6, BYUT supported the full-time appointment of Valentyn Nalyvajchenko as SBU director. "BYUT realized only too well that unless they back up Valentyn Nalyvajchenko for new SBU director, the Party of Regions may support Khoroshkovsky for the same post. In voting for Nalyvajshenko, BYUT has chosen the lesser evil," Kost Bondarenko, the director of Horshenin think tank in Kyiv commented to ZIK March 6.

Should VR reject Nalyvajchenko, the incumbent’s next candidate could be Valery Khoroshkovsky who is linked with the RosUkrEnergo, a corrupt gas trade middleman company put out of business in Ukraine by Premier Tymoshenko. Khoroshkovsky is believed to have tight business links with RosUkrEnergo’s owners Firtash and Bojko, Party of Regions bankers.

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