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Premier Tymoshenko clashes with Pres Yushchenko at NDSC meeting

Feb. 10, a serious clash involving Tymoshenko and Yushchenko occurred at today’s session of the National Defense and Security Council over the gas supply and transit contracts recently signed by the cabinet with Russia.

The clash followed Yushchenko’s speech in which he lashed out at the gas contracts. When he was done, the president wanted the press to leave the session hall, but Yulia Tymoshenko protested, saying the press must also be present during her report. With the incumbent persisting, the microphones were cut off. Yet, the premier managed to say “There is no truth in what Mr. Yushchenko has said.”

Having said this, the premier left the session hall and met with journalists in the yard of the president’s office.

She told the journalists that the NDSC meeting is aimed to put the corrupt RosUkrEnergo middleman back on the market. In order to do this, the NDSC is out to revoke the signed gas contracts with Russia.

To illustrate, Yulia Tymoshenko showed to journalists a draft resolution copy. “I cannot quote anything to you as it is a classified document. But it is aimed at restoring RosUkrEnergo on the market, returning to this corrupt middleman the 11 billion cu. m. of gas which had been sold by Gazprom to Ukraine and paid for.”

“This resolution by the NDSC will ruin Ukraine’s fuel independence,” she stressed.

She warned that, given the resolution is passed and the incumbent sings an appropriate decree, she will contest it in court.

“I am going to return to the session hall and see to it that the resolution is not passed,” the premier told journalists.

Speaking to the press on the heels of the NDSC meeting, Premier Tymoshenko declared she will turn to the EU to carry out examination of the gas contracts with Russia.

“We are all fed up with the accusations emanating from corrupt players on Ukraine’s gas market that the contracts with Russia are detrimental for Ukraine.

I am going to ask the European Union to carry out an official examination of the contracts so that every Ukrainian knows what these contracts are about,” the premier said.

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