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Bojko accuses Tymoshenko of lobbying for Medvedchuk and Bakaj. Shufrych lashes out at Bojko

Yury Bojko (Party of Regions lawmaker and former fuel minister) has accused Premier Tymoshenko of trying to banish RorUkrEnergo from the market and replace it with another middleman company set up by Viktor Medvedchuk and Ihor Bakaj, The Ukrayinska Pravda reported Jan. 14.

Bojko reportedly told journalists that the true reason why the gas talks ended in a stalemate was the effort by Yulia Tymoshenko to lobby for a new gas trader set up by her main energy advisors Ihor Bakaj and Viktor Medvedchuk to pump 4.5 billion cu.m. of the Russian gas to Europe.
As the Russian authorities refused to back a new intermediary, the gas talks were torpedoed by the Ukrainian officials, he claimed. 
Commenting on Tymoshenko accusations that he was implicated, along with VR lawmaker Liovochkin and businessman Firtash, in disrupting the gas talks, Bojko said: “If the talks are on track it is very difficult to disrupt them. It poses a question:”What kind of government do we have if the talks can be torpedoed by two opposition lawmakers and a businessman?”
Ihor Bakaj was head of the government property department under  Pres Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Medvedchuk was his chief of staff. 
In a sensational development, Party of Regions prominent lawmaker Nestor Shufrych called Bojko’s statement an irresponsible provocation.
He threatened to appeal to PR chair, Viktor Yanukovych, demanding that Bojko confirm his accusations publicly. “To me it is absolutely clear why Bojko and other persons implicated in the gas spat and linked with RosUkrEnergo are saying this,” Shufrych commented.
 “I have never been in favor of discussing internal party issues in public, but such ungrounded statements are crossing the line of any loyal relationships,” he noted.
Bojko’s statement must be given full evaluation by Ukrainians with all the proper consequences, Shufrych warned.

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