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Tymoshenko: Ukraine will pump Russian gas only if Moscow meets technical conditions

According to The Ukrayinska Pravda, Premier Tymoshenko said, addressing the cabinet session on Jan. 14, that Ukraine can transit the Russian gas to Europe only if Moscow meets the technical conditions needed to start gas pumping.

“We confirm that, if Moscow meets the technical conditions at the start of pumping, Ukraine will transit its gas to Europe,” the premier said.
She explained why the recent test pumping of gas had failed. Russia has provided a small quantity of gas and requested that it be pumped in the direction where it couldn’t be pumped,” Tymoshenko said.
A small amount of gas makes it impossible to transit it due to low pressure, she explained.
Another reason why the Russian gas could not be pumped to EU was that the Ukrainian pipelines were at that moment pumping gas to domestic consumers.
 “The Russians pumped their gas into the Ukrainian system of pipelines where there was a counter flow of gas to Ukraine’s eastern regions,” the premier explained.

Tymoshenko stressed that Ukraine informed Eurogaz and EU chiefs that Russia’s activities actually disrupted the transit of gas. 

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