Tuesday, 23 December, 2008, 19:41 Sport
Had preparations for Euro-2012 started 18 months ago, there would be no crisis in Ukraine, says Petro Dyminsky.

“We had a very good chance not only in terms of football but also for the development of Ukraine when we won the right to host Euro-2012. Unfortunately, I do not see any commitment on the part of officials who undertook to implement this project,” Karpaty FC honorary president and tycoon Petro Dyminsky told ZIK Dec. 23.

He stressed that had preparations for the football tournament started 18 months ago, there would be no crisis in Ukraine today, as hundreds of thousands of new jobs would have been created, autobans, hotels airports would be built. Steel makes would have markets for steel.

“For a whole year we heard yarns that there was an investor in Lviv. Then the whole city council had to look into how the tender to build a stadium was held. Finally, we learn that there in no investor and a contractor. If you think that Taruta [a tycoon from Eastern Ukraine] will build a stadium, you are wrong. I do not know how much budget money has been spent to give us all this crap. What kind of investor will come to Ukraine one year before the presidential election?” he said.

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