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Medvedev humiliates millions of innocent victims of 1932 -1933 Holodomor: Yushchenko

“The Russian president humiliates millions of innocent victims of the Famine. Any president has a commitment to respect his country’s history. This is an elementary ethical code,” Yushchenko said, speaking to Spain’s El Pais, the presidential press service quotes the incumbent as saying Nov. 20.

Yushchenko said he is reluctant to comment on Medvedev’s statement which demonstrates “inadequate attitude to the tragedy of the Ukrainian people.”

It should be recalled that the Russian president refused to show up in Kyiv to attend Holodomor remembrance events. In an open letter to Yushchenko, Medvedev challenged the interpretation of the Holodomor as genocide, saying the famine also afflicted Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Medvedev called it “cynical and immoral” to state that the famine in Ukraine was different from the famine in other FSU regions.

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