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Heads of three states won’t attend Holodomor victims remembrance events in Ukraine

Twenty-five delegations are expected to attend an internationaol forum in Kyiv to mark the 75th anniversary of the Holodomor in Ukraine, Foreign Ministry’s cultural and humanitarian cooperation department head Mykhailo Skuratovsky told in his press conference today.

The official mentioned that this is not the final figure as new delegations confirm and some recall their participation, Glavred quotes the official as saying.

Some delegations are headed by presidents, speakers, vice speakers, vice premiers or ministers. “We do not include diplomats posted in Ukraine – they also have special status,” Skurativsky said.

Presidents of Poland, Georgia, Latvia have confirmed their participation in the events.

However, presidents of Macedonia, Montenegro and Azerbaijan canceled their plans to come.

The Estonian delegation will be headed by the speaker, delegations from Moldova, Croatia, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil and Azerbaijan – by vice speakers.

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