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Ukraine continued supplies of arms to Georgia even after the conflict erupted – Valery Konovaliuk

Ukraine supplied weapons to Georgia even after the war with Russia had broken out, Valery Konovaliuk (Regions), head of VR ad hoc investigation commission said during his briefing Oct. 8, Regions press service report runs.

The commission is in posssession of documents that testify that Ukraine went on with its supplies of arms to Georgia even after the conflict with Russia started. Certain documents indicate, the lawmaker continued, that ammunition and artillery guns, disguised as humanitarian aid, were shipped to Batumi Sept. 22.

Meanwhile, members of his commission have revealed embezzlement of revenues from the arms sales, with large sums not reaching the state treasury and defense ministry accounts.

According to calculations, Ukraine sold $2 billion worth of arms over the past 3 years, while merely $840 million have been officially declared.

The commission has appealed to the prosecutor general’s office to check these facts. Currently, the State Audit Department officials are checking the Ukrspetsexport company [Ukraine’s state-run arms selling entity subordinated to the president]. The results of the check will be known in early November, Konovaliuk said.

Important, Konovaliuk opined that the threat of publicising these compromising documents may be the true reason for the expected dissolution of parliament.

Commission members are resolute in their intention to blow the lid off the scandal, the lawmaker warned. “We will tell Ukrainians how AA missile launchers, while on combat duty in Ukraine, as well as many other modern weapons were shipped abroad– at the expense of the country’s combat readiness,” Konovaliuk said.

The AA launchers were sold to Georgia at an overly low price. Several years ago they could fetch 5-6 times more, he stressed.

Simultaneously, V. Konovaliuk expressed grave concern that Ukraine will be subject to UN Security Council sanctions for supplying arms to a war zone area. “Today, the BBC said that there are documents confirming that the tanks seized by Somali pirates were sold to Sudan.”

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