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Chornovil blows 2 dirty scenarios by president’s office to disband Rada

VR lawmaker Taras Chornovil who resigned from the Party of Regions Oct. 5 says he knows about 2 scenarios being hatched in the president’s office to dissolve VR and disrupt subsequent parliamentary elections, UNIAN reported Oct. 6.

The UNIAN report quotes Chornovil as saying, “I have information that the president’s office is working on 2 dirty scenarios. One of them is to dismiss VR and disrupt the parliamentary elections,” he said.

According to the scenario, the incumbent can dissolve VR on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, in about two weeks, the president will cancel his own decree.

“The incumbent knows well how to do this - under a make good pretext of letting parliament convene in order to pass changes in the budget to fund parties election campaigns,” the lawmaker said.

Following this, Yushchenko will issue another decree to appoint snap parliamentary elections between Dec. 28 and Jan. 4, 2009 [peak of holiday season in Ukraine]. “One can only assume what the voter turnout will be. I do not think 50% of voters will come to the voting stations,” he opined.

Following his repeat decree on snap elections which can be overturned in courts, the incumbent may call up a constitutional assembly that will replace VR and pass an absolutely new version of the constitution.

In a related move, Yushchenko will dismiss the cabinet and introduce direct presidential rule.

Speaking about the president’s office’s second scenario, Chornovil noted that it hinges on a coalition between the Party of Regions, the Lytvyn bloc and president-controlled part of Our Ukraine.

Yushchenko favors the last scenario the most, Chornovil summed up.

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