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Yushchenko hatching military coup, says Regions lawmaker Kolesnychenko

“Preparations for toppling the current regime in Ukraine are picking up steam,” Regions lawmaker Vadym Kolesnychenko warns. “Speaking on the sidelines in VR, Our Ukraine lawmakers are openly bragging about Yushchenko’s determination to dissolve parliament if a coalition which does not suit the incumbent is formed,” the lawmaker’s Sept. 10 press service release says.

The media have recently published secret documents by the presidential office instructing oblast governors and leaders of NGOs to request the imposition of a direct presidential rule by Yushchenko. As it is illegal for governors to request a direct rule and for the president to base his actions on such requests, all this amounts to an attempt to dislodge the legal government. And high-ranking officials signing such requests knowingly violate the constitution.

Many facts indicate that the major role in usurping the power will be played by the army, not by the interior ministry troops as has been widely believed.

The incumbent have recently taken steps to tighten his grip on the army. He appointed the supreme commander of the country’s armed forces member of the National Defense and Security Council, a structure turned by Yushchenko into Ukraine’s second cabinet. Sept. 8, Yushchenko met with top military, allegedly, to evaluate combat readiness of Ukraine’s armed forces. Earlier, the incumbent had generously lavished promotions to generals to many military and police officers. As a result, the number of generals in Ukraine’s army has topped the number of generals in the German army that has 245,000 servicemen against Ukraine’s 149,000. All these moves tellingly confirm the existence of a plan to entangle Ukraine military in the power grab.

As saber-rattling by generals picks up, it tellingly shows that the military have patrons in high offices and a free hand for any kind of action. Unprecedented troops movements involving large number of servicemen and weapons which have taken place in Ukraine can hardly be described as a routine check of combat readiness.

Definitely, with a meager 5% approval rating, the incumbent won’t be able to make good on his plans. By getting incriminated in anti-constitutional activity, he will buy himself an impeachment.

I would like to appeal to Ukrainian officers and soldiers now. Don’t let be dragged in political games. It will be you who will be held accountable, not the irresponsible politicos who will flee to tropical islands.

Article 60 of the Constitution says that no one is obliged to fulfill deliberately criminal orders. The hawks in the presidential administration should know that Art. 5 banns usurpation of power, while Art. 109 of the Criminal Code imposes a 10-year sentence for trying to dislodge the government and seize power.”

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