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Tymoshenko suggests three scenarios for breaking present deadlock

Premier Yulia Tymoshenko has proposed three ways out of the present parliamentary deadlock. The best scenario would be to patch up the democratic coalition. The premier stressed she would not put any ultimatums to the incumbent, notably, to dismiss his chief of staff Baloha. “Our demand to dismiss a person who is out to destroy the democratic coalition and discredit me as premier is rather a recommendation, not an ultimatum,” she said speaking Sept. 8 at a news conference for regional media.

If Yushchenko agrees to restore the coalition, she said, she would back “the candidate whom we all know.” Asked by journalists to specify whether it will be Viktor Yushchenko, she skipped a clear answer.

The second scenario entails snap elections, if Yushchenko does not bring his team back into the coalition. She believes it to be the worst scenario and says she is strongly opposed to it, stressing that snap elections will put the country in a total mess. “It would be a betrayal of the democratic coalition and national interests,”

Tymoshenko said. The third scenario envisages the reshaping of a coalition to enable Verkhovna Rada to continue work. Tymoshenko, however, didn’t elaborate as to the line-up of such a coalition and whether any preparatory talks are under way. She said that her party cooperates with the Party of Regions in parliament on voting the laws vital for the country. No major decision will be taken about the future coalition without a public debate, she vowed. “We are doing everything to save the present coalition. It was Yushchenko who dialed lawmakers in the night of Sept. 2 with both of his hands forcing them to quit the coalition, there was no Kremlyn’s hand,” she stressed.

According to Tymoshenko, the constitution must be changed. BYUT, however, cannot support the changes proposed by the Party of Regions.

BYUT will table its own version when work on the changes is completed. She specified that, under BYUT’s version, lawmakers will not have immunity from prosecution. Yulia Tymoshenko also said she is against raising the barrier to be cleared by parties to make it to Verkhovna Rada.

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