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Rada clipping Yushchenko’s wings by reassigning prosecutor general and heads of oblast and city administrations

Under the law on the prosecution passed by VR on Sept. 4 by 373 lawmakers, the president will now appoint and dismiss prosecutor generals only given the consent of VR. Before, the prosecutor general was appointed by the president given the consent of VR and dismissed by the incumbent himself. It made prosecutors wholly dependent on the president.

Presenting the bill in VR, Andry Portnov, BYUT, said the aim of the bill is to bring the appointments and dismissals of prosecutor generals in line with the constitution.

In a related move, VR empowered the cabinet to appoint acting heads of oblast and city administrations, if the incumbent rejects the candidatures proposed by the cabinet. The bill was passed by 350 out of 382 lawmakers present.

Presenting the bill in VR, its author Andry Portnov, BYUT, said the cabinet is the highest executive authority under the constitution. In accordance with the newly passed law on the cabinet, the government is responsible for the functioning of a single executive system, central and local.

The law cancels the right of the president to reject the candidatures of city mayors and oblast governors proposed by the cabinet.

The law also cancels a provision whereby heads of local state administrations were appointed for the term of office of the incumbent. Under the law, the president must take a decision whether to approve or reject the proposed candidatures within 15 days.

In case of a rejection by the president of the cabinet-proposed candidatures, the government can appoint acting heads of oblast and city administration.

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