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Italy might host Euro-2012, if Ukraine and Poland fail in preparations – Michel Platini

UEFA President Michel Platini has confirmed that UEFA will decide at its September meeting in France where the Euro-2012 tournament will take place. He pledged to Italy that in case of Ukraine and Poland failure to prepare for the championship, Italy will host it.

Meanwhile, according to, Platini believes things are not so bad in Euro-2012 host countries.

“We will know in September where the next championship will be,” he said. He confirmed plans to monitor closely how Ukraine and Poland are preparing for Euro-2012

“We should not be rash in our decisions and must respect the choice of Poland and Ukraine given to them in a democratic voting, but Ukraine and Poland must fulfill their commitments to host the games,” Platini continued.

UEFA president was asked questions as to what country will take over if Ukraine and Poland fail. Italy, the runner-up in the competition to host Euro-2012 is viewed as the hot favorite.

Save for the Olympic stadium in Rome and the Milano stadium, other stadiums are not as good and no longer meet UEFA standards. Florence, Genoa and Turin hosted 1990 World Soccer finals in 1990. Italy can apply again to host Euro-2016. If Italy wants to host the tournament, it will have it. I give Italy my word, Platini assured.

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