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International airport to be built in Lutsk

A new international airport, based on a former military one, is to be built in Lutsk, the capital of the Volyn oblast. It will serve as a stand-by airport during Euro-2012 tournament in Ukraine. While German and Austrian experts put the bill at100 million euro, Ukrainian experts say 60 million euro will be enough, a ZIK correspondent reports July 30.

Volyn officials say the airport will be completed by 2012, with the initial stage of the construction of cargo-passenger terminals to begin in 2009. The project will be funded by investors.

At the second stage, parking lots, hotels and other infrastructure will be built. The third stage will include testing. The airport will come into service before Euro-2012.

Deputy Volyn oblast Governor Vasyl Bajtsym stressed the airport must be completed before Euro-2012. The highway linking Lutsk and Lviv will be repaired at the cost of $50 million and a highway by-passing Lutsk built to facilitate travel by football fans.

Comment by ZIK

Apr 10, 2008, while on a fact-finding tour in Ukraine UEFA expert Peter Gempsom admitted that the military airport in Lutsk is the best one he had seen in Ukraine.

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