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Vice Premier Vasiunyk puts Lviv officials on a grill for sloppy preparations for Euro-2012

July 24, Vice Premier Ivan Vasiunyk chaired a session of the Lviv Euro-2012 organizing committee. He examined the level of preparations in transport, sports, medical and infrastructure sectors.


The vice premier said the construction of a stadium and airport in Lviv has not started. He was also concerned about the building of new 5-star hotels. In general, Vasiunyk says the preparations in Lviv are in danger zone due to the lack of adequate efforts by the city authorities.

“I have the impression that the Lviv authorities believe that everything will be sorted out by itself and the level of preparedness is high. However, little has been done after my visit to Lviv two weeks ago, as my instructions have not been fulfilled. I am most worried about the stadium and the airport,” he complained.

Vasiunyk reminded that Aug. 11 Ukraine is to submit to UEFA its progress report on preparations for the tournament.

Lviv Mayor A. Sadovyj assured the vice premier that talks with the general contractor for the stadium construction, the Alpine Bau GmbH, has been completed July 23. The final contract with the Austrian company specifying the work schedule is to be signed July 28.

Now the Lviv aurthorities are to submit detailed information about the contracts to build the stadium and modernize the airport to all the national agencies concerned.

Aug. 4, Ivan Vasiunyk is coming down to Lviv again to chair another session of the Lviv organizing committee to review the progress.

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