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If new Euro-2012 stadium is funded from Lviv budget, city residents must have guarantees their money won’t be embezzled, tycoon Petro Dyminsky says

It would be a mistake to build a new Euro-2012 stadium at the city’s expense. Only those officials can propose it who know that by 2012 they will be out of their offices. I would like to stress that before approving such scenario, Lviv residents must demand guarantees from the authorities that their money won’t be embezzled. The risks are high, because there is no certainty that Euro-2012 will be held in Ukraine and Lviv, tycoon and president of Karpaty FC Petro Dyminsky said, speaking in a press conference July 24.

The Euro-2012 project is a challenge and calls for strong management and stable funding. It is dangerous to give rash promises and make unfounded statements about the sources of funding, he added. Petro Dyminsky told about his meeting with Alpina company reps who won a tender to build a stadium in Lviv. However, he noted, the company officials showed to him their project of proposals, not the project. He, therefore, criticized Mayor Sadovyj and city council deputies for their rash readiness to invest in the unprepared project. Given favorable conditions, however, Alpina can build the stadium in 24 months, the tycoon said.

Comment by ZIK

Petro Dyminsky has proposed to Lviv authorities to set up a JV company to build the infrastructure for the Euro-2012tournament in Lviv.

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